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Cynthia Lowman

Writing Assignments

In the continual effort to get my act together and figure out what I’m doing with this blog, I joined Blogging University at …

Writing Physical Beats

Writing Physical Beats

Every writer benefits from education, whether it is to refresh what you know or learn something new. Since fewer members of my …

This Is Not Writer's Block

This Is Not Writer’s Block

Like Santa Claus If you believe something, then it’s real to you. It doesn’t make it a fact any more than the …

Pittsburgh from Schenley Park

The World Is So Fast

It just so happened to be during a conversation with my brother on Facebook when he expressed his wish to go back …

This Is Not Writer's Block

Getting Stuck

This is not profound, but it’s something, which is more than I have been doing. What I haven’t been doing is writing. …